"Some of the most fascinating stories are the ones few people get to hear about…"



One Year One World is an independent initiative to raise awareness about people and communities living in some of the world’s most fascinating but under-reported regions of the world. The mission is to provide communities that lack the resources (such as computers, cameras, and access to the Internet) with the opportunity to be heard globally by having their stories documented and shared online, to educate and inspire youth and adults to think about the world’s cultural diversity, to help bridge the “communications gap” in media coverage, and to promote a better understanding of our GLOBAL COMMUNITY.

All stories are singlehandedly shot, edited, and produced in the field, and uploaded to the Internet as the journey unfolds by professional video journalist, producer, and editor, Maggie Padlewska who began her solo journey to 52 countries around the world.

OYOW is fully funded by donations, Air Miles contributions, and the accommodations of communities on location. 100% of the funds raised go towards the journey itself. (HOW YOU CAN HELP)




There is so much to be learned from communities and people who lack the resources to be heard globally. My mission is to help change that....by documenting and sharing the stories of people who cannot, but should, be part of the global dialogue.