"Some of the most fascinating stories are the ones few people get to hear about…"

I live to meet people, to listen and document their stories, and to share them with whoever cares to listen…


It is because of this, that I chose to pursue my career as a journalist. Upon returning from a four-year “visit” to Asia, I obtained an advanced diploma in Television Broadcasting, an Honours BA in Political Science / International Affairs in Montreal, and a Master of Journalism. I’ve worked for social policy think tanks, a UN agency, and various media outlets including CTV and the CBC, Canada’s largest news networks.

I obtained my first job in the media in the late 1990s when I got a job as a post-production assistant with a small television network that focused on environmental issues. My first glimpse of television and film production, however, came much sooner.

My Mother, a Polish documentary filmmaker, ignited my curiosity for current affairs and my passion for storytelling. My Father, inspired me to keep learning, to ask questions, and to seek beyond the obvious.


I remember the day I walked into my Mother’s room, every inch of it plastered with handwritten notes…some on yellow Post-its, others on torn pieces of paper carefully taped to the wall. It is on that day, shortly after we immigrated to Canada in the early 80s, that I got my first real lesson in journalism. I realized then, as I sat on the floor for hours surrounded by countless videotapes, that I was witnessing the thought process of a storyteller and a masterpiece in the making…

Though I will never achieve the excellence of my Mother’s work or her degree of talent, I am just as passionate and committed to my work. While a lot has changed since then (technologically) I, like my Mother, still stick my scribbled thoughts on the wall.

It is because of the amazing mentors that I’ve had, the incredible people that I’ve met, the stories that I’ve heard, the ills that I’ve witnessed, the technology that we have access to today, the experience that I have acquired over the years, and the will to contribute to a better understanding of our global community that the One Year One World initiative was launched.

Who am I? A woman, a nomad, and a storyteller seeking to help bridge the gap in the stories that the world gets to hear about.



“We sometimes forget that in this age of intense globalization, the widespread pursuit of wealth, and an increasing disconnect from real human interaction, that much is at risk of being neglected and forgotten. Countless languages are becoming extinct, traditions are beginning to fade, cultures are being threatened, and stories and ancient wisdom are being lost. There is no better time than now to remind us of what’s at risk, and what it truly means, to be human. Our “global community” deserves to be celebrated, respected, and protected at all cost…with that in mind, OYOW is my mission with the hope that through my work those who haven’t yet, will also learn to care.”

 Maggie Padlewska, Video Journalist & OYOW Founder