"Some of the most fascinating stories are the ones few people get to hear about…"


OYOW has been in the works for years…

Countless sleepless nights have been devoted to identifying, researching, establishing contact, and obtaining permission to visit and document the stories of the communities being reached through the One Year One World initiative.  It has been a lengthy process given that most communities being reached through OYOW are not directly connected to the Internet or have access to telecommunications.  As such, numerous people and local groups have been involved and have played a key role in conveying messages, back and forth, between community leaders and OYOW.  That said, enthusiastic and warm welcomes have been granted by all 52 communities approached by OYOW!

That’s settled…now what?

All peoples reached through OYOW await their turn to share their stories with the world, they are eager to add their voices to the online dialogue and for them to be acknowledged globally. As a “one-woman-band”, my job is to pack my gear, travel to often remote areas,  to listen, interview, record, write, edit, produce, and upload the stories that I am told about within the one-week timeframe of my visit.  

PADLEWSKA OYOW productionOne week?!

Yes, one week.  The goal of OYOW is to share whatever is top of mind, whatever topic, issue, situation, or overall perspective a given community wishes the world to think about. While my research has been done to familiarize myself to the best of my ability prior to departure (with the available information, though at times meagre), the story that is ultimately told is at the community’s discretion, a “slice of life” so to speak, at a particular point in time, in human history.


People like you! OYOW has been fully funded through the contributions and generosity of individuals who recognize the significance of providing more isolated communities with an opportunity to be heard.  100% of the monetary and Air Miles donations received go towards the OYOW journey.  For me, this initiative is driven by a strong commitment to help amplify the voices of communities lacking the necessary tools and resources to be part of the online dialogue while celebrating our global community with the hope that it may contribute to a better understanding and protection of the world’s most threatened peoples.



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